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It was 10 years ago, it was the beginning of 2005 and I was enjoying a short stay in the lovely city of Ljubljana.
My husband – boyfriend at that time – and I were strolling through the Christmas decorated streets in a cloudy cold winter day. We passed by the tourist office and decided to enter to see if we could find out some suggestions on how to spend the following days. Among dozens of flyers exposed on the shelves my attention was caught by one in particular.
I remember I read something like: ATLANTIS – Water paradise, I showed it to my husband, we looked at each other and gave a quick look outside… it was starting to snow, so… why not? It seemed to us a good occasion for resting and recovering a while after some days of walking.

Swimsuit were not a problem, we always travel with one each, as well as with rain jackets! We had no towel, but found out we could rent them at the reception.
The Water park offered, and still offers, three different kind of areas: the Adventure World with pools for kids, a Thermal Temple and a Sauna Land.
In the beginning we thought of just enjoying some drinks in the Adventure Pool, but it was too noisy and decided to move on and try the Thermal Temple, it was actually much quieter, arranged with nice corners provided with mattresses and candles where nice ladies offered Thai massages free sessions of 15 minutes.
So we had try two out of three areas, we didn’t know anything about saunas and Turkish Bath, apart from the fact that it was all about sweating! But, in the end, we had paid for the full ticket, so why not experiencing something new?
We walked in and was love at first sight. The atmosphere was chilled, relaxing music was in the air, people only whispered. Time seemed frozen.  We immediately forgot the world outside and abandoned ourselves to this new dimension. It was not only an experience of the body, it was mainly an experience for the mind.

Since then I dedicated part of my free time to the discovery of the best places to reconnect body, mind and soul.